Lichen Urns by Randy O\'Brien
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Lichen Urns by Randy O'Brien

Lichen Urns by Randy O’Brien for FUNERIA®

Randy O’Brien’s artwork is suffused with a vibrant palette and extraordinary texture that stems from his keen observance of the natural world and mastery of an art-making process that delights and mystifies all who see it. While many experienced potters are able to deliver consistent results from hand throwing earthenware clay on a spinning wheel, Randy quickly distinguishes himself in creating superbly balanced, seductively simple forms. He then applies layer upon layer of material, including volcanic ash, and low-fires his pots between each addition in a signature crawl glaze process.

His on-going explorations, and use of uncommon materials, result in artworks that pack the drama of the world around us in a single object. We see lichen on a rock, a dry lake bed, lava flow, mosses and mineral formations. Inquire about special orders and currently available work in the gallery that includes a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Lichen Urn

Earthenware with crawl glaze available in the following glaze colors: Rust, Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Green, Lavender/Blackberry, Yellow Blackberry

7 x 13 in/17.8 x 33 cm
14 lbs/6.4 kg
275 cubic inch capacity

6 x 9 in/15.2 x 22.9 cm
11 lbs/5 kg
180 cubic inch capacity

5.5 x 7.5 inches/14 x 19 cm
9 lbs/4 kg
90 cubic inch capacity

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