Zen Spaceship Vessels with Copper Lids by C. Green
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Zen Spaceship Vessels with Copper Lids by C. Green

Zen Spaceship Vessels by Carol Green for FUNERIA®

Hand thrown, mica-clay earthenware vessels. Fabricated copper lid in choice of two patinas: verdigris or bronze/brown

Like stars twinkling in a night sky, the mica flakes that are embedded in the clay create a soft shimmering glow. Hands fit appreciatively around the curves of these masterfully formed vessels. During the firing process, the clay absorbs a smokey palette that will darken the surfaces in a range of shades. Some vessels will be very dark—almost black, while others will be warm brown. Some may be streaked with tan or salmon based on the clay pot’s location in the kiln. The artist’s patina for each lid (variations of bronze/brown) is determined by how well each complements the clay body. Each is hand crafted and unique.

6.5 x 10 in/16.5 x 25.4 cm
5 lbs/2.3 kg
from 101 to 200 cubic inch capacity

4.75 x 8.5 in/12 x 21.3 cm
3 lbs/1.4 kg
up to 100 cubic inch capacity

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