Raku Blue Sky by Laura Bruzzese
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Raku Blue Sky by Laura Bruzzese

Raku Blue Sky Urns by Laura Bruzzese for FUNERIA®

These are exquisitely hand painted, Raku fired stoneware vessels that are evocative and serene, by an artist whose works have graced each of FUNERIA’s Ashes to Art® exhibitions since 2001. Bruzzese’s more than 20 years experience as a painter is amply demonstrated in the underglaze painting she employs while creating her signature hand painted Raku-fired stoneware vessels. Rather than thinking of the painting as a mere surface decoration on the vessels, the shape of the vessels serve to enhance the imagery and vice versa, resulting in a symbiotic union of form and image. While each urn remains consistent in design, each is unique both in composition and in the unpredictable Raku crackle-glazed patterns that appear randomly in firing.

9.5 x 7in/24.1 x 17.8 cm
4 lb/1.8kg
220 cubic inch capacity

6.5 x 5.5 in/16.5 x 14 cm
2 lb/1 kg
70 cubic inch capacity

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