Spiral 1 by Ann Bates
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Spiral 1 by Ann Bates

Spiral Vessels by Ann Bates for FUNERIA®

Ann Bates makes one-off, hand built contemporary ceramic pieces that are both sculptural and functional. Over the years, her distinctive style has evolved from emotional responses and associations with the landscape through the study of geological formations and the decoration on ancient standing stones, in particular the spiral—the natural form of growth and symbol of everlasting life. While much of her work includes reference to leaves, seed pods and butterfly eggs for shape, texture and form, the spiral is always present and is her mark. Please inquire regarding current availability.

Stoneware clay, glaze, oxide (copper)

9 x 7.3 in/22.5 x 18.6 cm
4.4 lb/2 kg
2.4 in/6 cm opening
150 cubic inch capacity


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