Testimonial Urn II by Paul McCoy
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Testimonial Urn II by Paul McCoy

Salt-fired stoneware vessels by Paul McCoy for FUNERIA®

Each of Paul McCoy’s substantive bell-shaped urns presents an opportunity to explore rich texture, warm color, and the play of light on an intimate topography that seems to have emerged through a fiery atmosphere, and another world, with a fascinating story to tell. Paul’s large Creation Urn III, which can be seen in FUNERIA’s 3rd International Ashes to Art® exhibition catalog, earned Best of Show honors at that prestigious event. Please inquire regarding these and other vessels by Paul McCoy that may be available in the gallery.

Salt-Fired Stoneware

18.75 x 13 in/47.6 x 33 cm
22 lb/10 kg
750 cubic inch capacity


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