Messenger #2 by Tony Knapp
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Messenger #2 by Tony Knapp

Urns & Messengers by Tony Knapp for FUNERIA®

Tony’s sculptural urns and new spinning Messengers have been charming visitors and collectors since his steel Whimsical Urn with rotating arm debuted at FUNERIA’s 2nd international Ashes to Art® exhibition in 2003. Just prior to the opening of FUNERIA's Northern California gallery in January 2007, The New York Times featured Whimsical on both its front page and among the many images that illustrated the story ("In Death as in Life: A Personalized Space" by Patricia Leigh Brown). Since then, we've encouraged Tony to explore his theme further, which typically incorporates an interactive element.

Whether he’s creating a stationary sculpture and companion sized urn, such as Their Last Love Shack from our 4th international exhibition that now greets guests at a lovely home in New York, or the exuberant Messenger #2 that welcomes visitors to Art Honors Life® | The Gallery at FUNERIA, Tony’s work is not only original but imbued with great character.

He likens his carved and constructed wood pieces, saturated with Japanese ink, to charcoal sketches. Firmly mounted on a sturdy cast iron wheelbase, Messenger #2 and other new work in this series are functional in a variety of ways—as repositories for notes and small objects in remembrance of an individual or occasion, or as full size urns for a person, a couple, or beloved pets. In spinning the artwork, memories are animated in the most delightful way.

Messenger #2

Wood, ink and cast iron wheelbase

32 x 23 inches/81 x 58 cm
30 lbs/1.4 kg
45 cubic inch capacity


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