Planets by Shawn McDonald
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Planets by Shawn McDonald

Planets by Shawn McDonald for FUNERIA®

Cast bronze on steel base

Planets, and McDonald's additional sand cast bronze vessels are nothing short of spectacular. Visitors to FUNERIA’s third international Ashes to Art® Exhibition – held in San Francisco in 2003, will remember McDonald’s cast bronze “Flower” as the Best of Show recipient. That piece inspired a commission for a larger, evocative cast bronze urn from a family seeking to honor a beloved patriarch. The quality of McDonald’s craftsmanship continues to impress and inspire.

More than urns, McDonald creates personal monuments to lives lived with confidence, an inquisitive nature, and worldly accomplishments. Planets is a kinetic piece, spinning easily, impressively, silently and delightfully on its steel mount.

18 x 18 x 18 inches/46 x 46 x 46 cm
37 lbs/16.8 kg
350 cubic inch capacity


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