Burnished Urn #2 by Mark Gordon
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Burnished Urn #2 by Mark Gordon

Vessels by Mark Gordon for FUNERIA®

Wheel thrown, Raku-fired, burnished clay

Gordon’s clay aesthetic has been formed and informed by travel to twenty countries—from backyard brick makers in Aswan and semi-tropical northern Argentina, to isolated wheel throwers in central Turkey and Southern Spain, to a potter making drain pipes by hand in northern Syria. He is drawn to the craftsmanship of cultures in which objects that are made are used.

As funerary urns, Gordon’s Vessels incorporate and reflect a breath—an inflation that animates simply elegant forms intended for containment. In hand burnishing each vessel, the artist is engaging in an intimate process that imparts a mellow sheen—a surface technique that has both invited, and warmed to the touch, human hands since ancient times.

Dimensions and shapes vary. Please inquire about currently available pieces and also sizes and forms made to order—from keepsake to monumental.

Dimensions, as shown

17 x 8 in/44 x 20 cm
7 lbs/3.2 kg cm
350 cubic inch capacity


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