Abundant Earth by Carol Green
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Abundant Earth by Carol Green

Abundant Earth by Carol Green for FUNERIA®

Wheel-thrown mica-clay earthenware gourd-shaped vessel with bronze handle, cast in the lost wax process from a gnarled root, and bronze/brown patinated copper lid

When we admire all of the art objects we encounter—within our own collections, in a fine gallery, or a museum–why do we define some as being more elegant than others? Of having a timeless appeal and classic style? Art history provides us with some reference with which to judge these qualities. It also seems that we are naturally drawn to objects that convey a sense of balance. From every angle, the objects that we perceive as most elegant, beautiful, serene and contemplative are poised confidently as they stand. They possess stability, yet some portion of them suggests lightness too, and with it, a note of grace.

Carol Green's award-winning work embodies the concepts of elegance, timelessness and cultural relevance not because they follow established design standards, but because they are exuberant and original visual interpretations of simple beauty with which we are already familiar.

As each urn is handcrafted, some variations in shape, size and color within an acceptable range will occur. You are welcome to inquire if there are options available.

11 x 8 in/28 x 20 cm
5.5 lbs/2.5 kg
200-220 cubic inch capacity


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